Marine surveys

  • Condition surveys
    Surveys of selected areas or systems of a vessel for establishing the necessary maintenance, repairs, etc.
  • Pre-Purchase surveys
    Full survey of all areas and systems of a vessel to establish the status of maintenance, defects, and recommendations for upgrades.
  • Light ship surveys
    Establishing the actual weight and centre of gravity of a vessel as required by Class.
  • Valuation
    Based on a more general survey a valuation will be made of a vessel, based on its condition but also indicating possible improvements to add value to the vessel.

Yacht/Vessel building supervision

Either working for a vessel owner to arrange the complete process, or advising on parts for the building of a vessel.

  • Supervised building of many yachts
  • Extensive network

Problem solving and mediation

Based on existing contracts, specifications and related documents we will give advice (binding or non-binding as agreed upfront) on disputes between Builders and Clients regarding scope of supply, cost of change orders, etc.

  • Mediation
  • London tribunal experience
  • Fully independent technical expert